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Home Gardening with AdventureBaby

Today began with a little bit of Gardening with the eldest AdventureBaby. The sprouts were getting bigger, so we felt it was time to get the big tomato bin ready. Obviously, this takes a lot of planning and careful preparation, but we were ready. Big tomato trench-pot? Check. Zucchini pots? Check. Bags of soil? Check? Gravel? Check, check! We were ready to go! AdventureBaby Sr took the job of laying down a gravel bed very seriously, and after a bit of thought, we had it all laid down. Then, of course, was the soil – we had some disagreements about how much was needed, and in then end, added a bit more. Watered down the lot, and we were ready for the next step!

At that time, however, we needed to get ourselves to the pool, so this story will be continued… next time!