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AdventureBabies at the Barrel House Live R&B Show!

Tonight we ended the day by going to see our good friends Yanoma-san and his wife Yoko at a little live R&B show they put on in Koenji. They run this fantastic little bar in Asagaya, called “Barrel House” – with at least 3,000 R&B LPs in the bar. We hadn’t seen them for a while, so it was good to get out and see the fun. They always have a great crew of people out, playing great music! This was the second time for AdventureBaby Sr., but quite a surprise for little AdventureBaby Jr. At the first guitar licks, she jumped up in surprise, but never caused a scene. AdventureBaby Sr got out and about on the floor, meeting people and dancing to the music. We all had a great time, looking forward to seeing them all again!