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A Day at the Zoo with AdventureBabies

A little trip to the suburbs of Tokyo to visit the Inokashira Zoo was the first time for the AdventureBabies to join forces and play together with the guinea pigs at the zoo together. A beautiful day just added to our enjoyment, and the petting zoo was just about packed with children waiting to play with the guinea pigs. Holding them was a first for AdventureBaby Jr, who really got a kick out these small, cuddly, animals.

The other animals were all ready for their visitors, and the the ones that fascinated the AdventureBabies the most were the monkeys.

The only other thing that attracted attention from the AdventureBabies was the playground with the ride-a-rabbits and the swings. We were lucky we went to the zoo when we did, because as we left, it really filled up with bicycles!