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Happy Birthday, AdventureBaby Jr.!

Today was a great day – AdventureBaby Jr’s Birthday! We went out and celebrated at with our good friends at their restaurant, Kupu-Kupu, in Takadanobaba. We always have a great time there with our old friends, Emi, Shiho, and Rai. We had a very nice little party, and with games, a cake, and lots of great food and drink, everyone really enjoyed themselves!

Rai-kun has really become a great little guy, and he ALWAYS takes very good care of the AdventureBabies! Of course, their other Grandma – Emi-baba – also loves them very much! Of course without a few escape attempts, playing around with baskets, and generally carrying-on, we can’t wait until our NEXT visit to Kupu-Kupu!