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Summer in Kobuchizawa

Today the AdventureBabies strayed far from their usual haunts, returning to the Yamanashi countryside town known as Kobuchizawa. The girls were having a really nice morning, playing with each other and making their new bed in the Osiire – the closet where we keep the futons. A nice little “secret base” to take a nap in!

The beautiful summer day continued with a little visit to a nearby sunflower farm, where the Hokuto Sunflower Festival was on! The AdventureBabies were free to run around as much as they wanted. AdventureBaby Sr., however, still needed a nap! A little lunch with Shoko and Akko helped get everyone’s energy levels back up!

A nearby “dude ranch” offered horse and pony rides – AdventureBaby Jr. got to ride with Aunt Akko on a great big (for her) horse, while AdventureBaby Sr. got to experience her first “solo” ride! What a day!

After lunch they were all ready for another little trip to a fish farm, where the AdventureBabies could catch their own fish! Catching fish meant one thing – grilled fish! AdventureBaby Sr. could not eat her fish fast enough! A great little summer’s day in the country, and another set of adventures for the… AdventureBabies!!!