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AdventureBabies at Field Day!

Today we all went down to a local children’s center where all the local kindergartens had set up some field day events for the kids and parents. The different teacher’s groups had all participated in creating games for the kids, with one kindergarten group making and running one game.

The game the AdventureBabies loved was the “Fishing Game” – little paper and cellophane fish and animals with paper-clip mouths were all there for the catching by kids with little magnet fishing rods. The other game the kids liked was RUNNING. In circles. With SCREAMING. And more RUNNING. Like little schools of minnows in the shallows of a lake, they gathered and ran, ran and gathered, splitting and joining into groups until they were all ready to lie down and start trowing food at each other.


There were also other games outside, where you could try to scoop as many superballs as you could into a dish, catching balloon “yo-yos” with paper hooks. AdventureBaby Jr was right behind AdventureBaby Sr, getting into and trying everything her older sister did.

We decided to cool things down with a little time in the sandbox, and the hobby-horses, which was greatly appreciated. Another stellar kids day!