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Christmas and Illumination with AdventureBabies

Today the AdventureBabies dressed their very first Xmas Tree! Being Tokyo, we went with a smallish tree, an artificial one, but it in no way diminished their excitement in decorating the tree. Having a deep fascination with the globes universally used on trees, they were ready to get down with some (relatively un-breakable) ornaments.

Aunt Akko helped out, and they made a very good show of it!

After we had all finished, we took some time out on this very VERY VERY cold night to head out to Yomiuri Land, a small amusement park not too far away from us, to check out to Christmas Illumination show! We had a great time, and one of the AdventureBabies’ FANS, Ichihara-san, was very happy to accompany us! Another great couple of turns on the merry-go-round, and we were all ready to head back to a warm house. Another great day out, AdventureBabies!