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Super Fun Time at Kid-O-Kid

Today the AdventureBabies headed off to a new playland – Kid-O-Kid, the Bornelund indoor playspace at Yomiuriland. We headed off to check things out, since the day was cold, the AdventureBabies were restless, and the parents needed to get out of the house!

The place was really great for kids, still pretty new, and not a lot of people there, meaning that the AdventureBabies could cry havoc and let loose the hounds of play! Which they did.

The ever-popular ball pit was huge, large and deep enough for AdventureBaby Jr to sink right into, like a miniature Titanic. The dressing rooms held plenty of costumes for everyone to enjoy, although to be frank, the doll selection was not extremely well thought-out.

The shopping & cooking corner is always a great station, and the AdventureBabies got right into the spirit, taking turns selling and buying. Sometimes the roles got a little confused, but that’s all part of the fun!

At the end of the day, with a moment taken to review the fun that was had, we all tumbled into the car for the drive home, and some well-deserved rest.

Until next time, AdventureBabies!!