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Bicycle Square at Komazawa Park

Today we all went down to get some time in at the Bicycle Ground at Komazawa Park. They have a great little section for little kids to rent and ride bicycles in a nice safe zone, separate from all the other bicycles and runners at the park. Adventure Baby friends were in attendance as well, so they all had a great time riding in circles and running into each other (not on purpose – I think).

At the end of a long ride at the park, the AdventureBabies were tired and hungry, so we stopped by a neighborhood cafe. Ombula Cafe, to get some food – but AdventureBaby Jr passed right out. AdventureBaby Sr decided this is the time to practice her poses – as daddy, I’m worried – about the world. Not ready for her, I think!

Another great day with the AdventureBabies!