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Hanging out with Kay and Eito

This weekend we decided to all head over and see the cousins. However, “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”, so in this case we all jump on Dad. We reached the cousins house in time for lunch, where the twin boys were just waking up. The AdventureBabies are FASCINATED by babies, so the first thing they do is to go over and try to pick them up!

Not a good idea – but they do get to try and feed the babies. Very well-intentioned. The best thing they can do is play with the twins, which goes over MUCH better with everyone – including the twins. AdventureBaby Sr spends much of her time hugging the twins, which they like very much, while AdventureBaby Jr decides to play with the twins. There is way too much giggling going on here.

After a great afternoon playing with the twins, we all head out for a group dinner, and a very noisy – but successfully delicious dinner is had. AdventureBaby Sr is satisfied.

Until next time!